The Sacred Heart of the Blue, the Body that Begins the Walk Within You!

I walk towards my home (Taos). I know which way I flow. It's where my heart leads me, that's the way I go. And now it's time to know, where all the songs do lead me. My soul speaks to my heart, "Let's migrate on home!". Days have turned to nights. I glow to know the strife. There we are the sacred hearts, that begins the sacred walk. My talk does lead me there, because I unite with my heart. I am the rising sun, where all is realized. Come and dance with me. Seek the world, I keep. It's the dream we all do hold, but the Sacred Blue does know. There we are the Sun, that rises for the day, to begin the sacred walk, right back to where I begin. I am the song of life. I begin the song of strife. I begin to glow like the sacred storm that knows. I choose, this way today, because God knows which way, the sacred walk and talk does incline, up to the land of paradise. The blue lake people know, we glow and we do go, right where we begin in time, the place we blow our minds. The dreams we are inclined. I'm going home to you. I'm walking home to you. I'm the heart of you, just wait for me, I'm coming home for you!

Twin Deer Mother Speaks with Holiness Bright Star


Water Bowls Sing, Eternal Bells, Freedom Rings

This can be done with a stainless steel bowl and a drum stick! Happy blessings! I bless the sacred nine directions!

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Blue Lake Warriors Who Are True!

Blue People the Heart of Taos.

The song is high today, and I say to long to display, the blue of reflection that is true is coming home to you. The twin deer mother will sing, to tell you were going home again. And we can open the doors, for all the Elders who adore. I say, what have you done, to rule all over the land. God treats you honestly, the ones who knows the breeze. I will be fortunate to hold your hands, to display and make a stand, for the blue is here to be with me, and all the elders in the sea. WE open the doors of the hoops, to shed a reflection of the truth, we 're coming to you, the twin mother who is true, the heart of mothers everywhere. I say, the whitey's are on the return to come home and hold all that they've learned to open the doors, to shut even more and we will make a mighty stand.

My blue warriors who walk true, God tells me we should adore you, and I say, that when we are near, you are blessing all that is pure. And we often come home to you, to bless and have a perfect cue (shape of perfection, a square, the house of God). The space of god that resides in me, I tell you please come and learn the leaves, but what if you don't hold my hand, how will I understand. And you will be mighty and true, it will be so hard to believe, but you will trust in the lord, the Great Spirit Father who knew, and the Great mother who is coming to reign all over the land and the plains, we await all for us to greet to know the heart of you and me. I want you to be in my heart and speak of only angels who know how to start, with love each day, the beloved and sacred ways, of pure light that comes down to stay.

When will the hearts learn about you, when your Twin Deer Mother calls you, then you can take hold of her hand and you will understand. She'll lift you up to the sky and make all those realize, that the blue who reign come to rule land, and they will make the stand. And the blue Taos you are my beloved and true, we will make god's mighty come true, you will be the heart of the this earth, who moves mountains and dust and the earth. I know you are waiting for this day, for her returning hand to say, just open your heart and display, the Great Spirit Mother who knows your way. Let us pray for her to stay, Le t us pray to know her way, let us know the law she brings to the land in all the mothers who shed the land, the law of divinity a human hand, and then they will know the ones she sends to go, to shed the law of love upon her land. The way to be is free in me, the heart of loving all that stands, the tree of life, the tree of death, the tree of loving the breeze.

sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star

Lisping Wise One's son, an Indigo Warrior Heart Song

What do you want to take from me, what can you say if don't please, I want to make you happy in me, don't you see what i see, I have so much to display, I have so much to work this way, I want to open all the doors, can't you see what I see today. My heart is open to all the doors, but you wont let me open some more, I want to see what is behind the doors for I am the warrior who knows more. I can see rainbows in the land, I can see what is behind my hand, I have so much to display with you, if you only would choose, my heart is willing to take a stand, I have but one heart that wills over the land, I must be gracious to all that come near, for god is my heart, my pure my near. What can I do, but offer the sword, to make it mighty as a ward, but my arrow doesn't reach the other shore how can i offer you more. I want to fly I wan t to sing, I wan t to be almost anything. I can be you, when you let me through, but I don't see why you have to cry. Why can 't we be all so happy, why can' t a heart break it apart, how can we be so mighty in thee, if we don't have a heart. I want you to please and open the breeze I want to see how often you eat, I can say this, I'm your loving test, just treat yourself better and I will be pleased. I am the indigo warrior who needs all the ammunition that god sends to me, and I can be mighty to protect mother please for I am the perfect warrior in thee and I can see mountain and all your disease. so don't your forget to bless everyday, don't' you forget that I'm here to stay, and I will climb mountains to find your display, for I am the mighty warrior god sent your way.

sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother 
drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star

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