The Sacred Heart of the Blue, the Body that Begins the Walk Within You!

I walk towards my home (Taos). I know which way I flow. It's where my heart leads me, that's the way I go. And now it's time to know, where all the songs do lead me. My soul speaks to my heart, "Let's migrate on home!". Days have turned to nights. I glow to know the strife. There we are the sacred hearts, that begins the sacred walk. My talk does lead me there, because I unite with my heart. I am the rising sun, where all is realized. Come and dance with me. Seek the world, I keep. It's the dream we all do hold, but the Sacred Blue does know. There we are the Sun, that rises for the day, to begin the sacred walk, right back to where I begin. I am the song of life. I begin the song of strife. I begin to glow like the sacred storm that knows. I choose, this way today, because God knows which way, the sacred walk and talk does incline, up to the land of paradise. The blue lake people know, we glow and we do go, right where we begin in time, the place we blow our minds. The dreams we are inclined. I'm going home to you. I'm walking home to you. I'm the heart of you, just wait for me, I'm coming home for you!

Twin Deer Mother Speaks with Holiness Bright Star


Water Bowls Sing, Eternal Bells, Freedom Rings

This can be done with a stainless steel bowl and a drum stick! Happy blessings! I bless the sacred nine directions!

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Child of the Blue Had A Vision of White Buffalo Calf Woman Today

My Beloved Green Grass Does Blow, as Beverly Knows "Child Within the Womb" (heavenly name or mission in life),

There is much to do in the world.  I am so proud of you, for trusting me and receiving my love for you.  I have to say, that God (oneness) knows the way, because he (great spirit father), has been the one, who gifted to us, this evolution play, for us to be the way.(the last phase of evolution, the Father led the way, including the White people who are the father nation.) 

What is so great about you, is that you are the Green (spiritual leader of the world), where the grass grows greener each day, but here is the place where the river does flow, like the banks of what we do each day.  This our heart does walk into mysterious parts, and when we trust our souls, we remember the way.  It is you, who is great my love, for you are the way, that the embrace of what is separate comes home to play (as oneness, as the green person, you are the reflective crystal and what is separate becomes one flowing stream).  It is not easy to be, the embrace to all that hate, in the world that comes into our hearts.  But you have chosen to be part of this closing (the circle of life that finally has come home, to be complete or whole), where the wind that blows comes from your heart.

Can you send me your (phone) number so we can talk and walk about with each other while we play.  If you can see, there is so much to believe that once we get started there is so much to learn.  If you want you can call me, that is okay if you please, but a schedule is always better for me.  Right now, it is said ( you said), that your sun (child) knows the way, of extending to all who are learning to play.  His holiness (lavender) that abounds, needs to be tamed when he comes home, because his love is purifying everyone around.  This leaves the impure left in his heart, and then you must alleviate it from his heart, and the drum does this for him each day.  Now remember he carries the holiness of god and this means he must teach others how it is done.  As the blue he extends to all the relatives who swim (move on the flowing of the knowing-soul journey) and blessings needs be done.  Fire is what his soul breaths, but not his flesh, so he must bless the walk-about  4 or 5 times a day.  This means he is a living fire, that purifies the wild, but he need now do it in flesh each day.  Walk about his home or roam and with fire in his hand (sage, incense, candle, gas like a lighter, any fire, lit pipe - as he get older he can puff on the pipe, but for now, he is learning to swim, but he can hold the pipe and bless the space if no other holiness is around as he is the blue with holiness-lavender overlay) in order he become his soul in his flesh, then united he will be, and he will come home to thee (where the heart swims) and you and he will feel better in every way.  Lifelong habits you teach, but most important to the speech is that he live his holiness that he displays.

NOW, the three of you, need bless each hour to be sure the flowing of the darkness is purified.  As you all are Elders to the world  that is true, and you will need hourly blessings to shed the way.  Just say, "I bless myself and I bless the world", each hour of every day.  Then at night just bless (when asleep) that you will continue to bless each hour of the flight you display (dreaming). Say this, "I bless my dreams each hour I breath", and you will be fine during the night. This will help you be you, when so many flow through you, then you can capture what they feel, but don't have to display, their impure feeling of unholy ways. 

Spent all of yesterday, searching for all I need to display, the Blossoms whom will open the way. But now I can see, there is much more for me to do, like put it in an envelope this day! Don't have your telephone number, or your physical address, but soon, we will communicate the dream.  The visions we have, we must trust to God, that truth will lead the way.

your devoted servant, is here to hold you, when you just don't know what to do.  But it's you honey, I believe in, the Spirit Leader God chose, to begin the dance of the day.  White buffalo calf woman (vision of the people), is here with Twin deer mother (tools to get them home), who loves you more than I can say!
ps. oh, I will start to show up, at this blog to test (, if all will go the smooth way! It is here where I will leave the songs that go in the breeze, and I can find you in the wind. I'll write to you this day and send more in the wind.

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 4:37 PM, "Child in the Womb" Beverly wrote:
Thank you so much for all of the help. I'm starting my son on drumming and blessing right away. I would love to know the name and place of the one I should contact. Anything we can do on our spiritual journey is great and anything I can do to help the Earth is great. Thank you so much for your time and the beautiful message.

Peace and Love
Beverly and Gavin

Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 22:14:58 -0700
Subject: Re: my son had a vision of White Buffalo Calf Woman today
To: Child in the Womb Beverly

Beloved Beverly and Gavin,

son is blue, yellow, lavender, grey
mother is green (reflective crystal), yellow, rainbow, gray
father is violet, green, blue, gray

Your son is the Blue Person, the one who receives, the reflection of the world and heart of all. 

The sun of your heart is Blue from the Start, he receives all that comes to the land who streams (reflection of light) the gun (aim of violence), but soon, none will find any (impure) heart nor find, for his love is true, and he can take you, and bring all the dreams into loving lands.  For love over bounds, but then he brings it home, what must be chose today, to alleviate his pain.  He need a drum to find his way, only 20 minutes a day.  His love pays a price, and he must be twice. For Holiness is within him, and he does not wear a crown, but Elder to this he be true, to be the one of the blue.  He takes you to me, to tell you Mommy please, there is so much for you to know, please go knock on the door.  And then you came, and then you exclaimed, that something must be up.  How could it be this way?

Alright, this is the song of the heart, or the star language.  This is what the Native Americans understand, which is often called the "story language", because it talks of the rolling hills and the four sacred directions.  Now for me, I just break out in song whenever I move along.  You see it flows out of me. I know it's hard to understand, so I will try to refrain.

A blue person is the blue of tears of joy and sorrow. The mighty oceans where all the waters flow. this is the representation of all our tears, and he feels all as his own heartbeat.  This carries a burden on him, but Mother, you are green, and this makes you, the spiritual leader of the world, but you must take one step further, you must embrace all.  A blue and a green persons together is like a well of overflowing fountain, that fills all up.  Now what is amazing is that this fountain, has a dream, the yellow family mother and son, means you two dream the new world to come. The son carries lavender which is holiness and pure love, but he will need help with this. He must have a drum (20 minutes a day) and bless 4-5 times a day with fire (incense, sage, candle, gas, like a lighter, etc.)  This is his duty to the world. 

Father is the voice and army of god, the violet person, he carries blue and green, a fountain of springing life within himself.  Mother and Father had to find each other through the heart, and not the flesh, to merge, the way of heaven.  A true elder holy son was born, from this love.

Now,  there is so much more, but this offers some validation for whom you are and who your sun is.  Once, you begin to understand self, and accept your perfection, then we can take our place in the Oneness.

Elders and Warriors of Prophecy have been doing spiritual flights for many moons now, on Saturdays, however, I also protect this mountain around the  Blue Lake as I have guard 10, 000 dark warriors who patrol the ground and 100,000 golden warriors who patrol the sky. And the forest gifted me, the Dragon Shield, and do not leave me.  The people native to Taos are ordained as the Body of the World.  And I have been told that they are to come to get me and my husband Holiness David, to take care of Twin Deer Mother, who is White Buffalo Calf Woman, which I am writing to you now.

Apparently he has been a messenger for you to write to me.  I hope that you are able to receive my love and my blessings.  Pray and tell all that we are going home.

When you are ready, let me know, and I will send you her name and where is the one you need to contact to speak of me.  Mother she carries Rainbow, and the woman you seek will be Cosmic Rainbow Woman.  What astounds me, is how all things are planned before we know them to be.  The Great Spirits we must trust.

Holiness David Runnning Eagle Shooting Star and White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother belong to the yellow family and house of david, and as the beloved house of the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.  These natives of the Blue Lake are ordained from the Heavens, as they gifted to me, my name.  I must protect and watch over them the Blue Lake People, the body of the world, as I do the Lakota people as the Spirit of the Lake.  We are your devoted servants, and there is much to do, for the migration to the world from the second phase of evolution into the third phase of evolution. You and your family has been chosen for this task.

The yellow takes the uncomfortable step forward into the dream. Yellow Chief says, "I accept this challenge". The Violet person is the power of the High Priest, governed by the Great Spirit Father, who leads us to the top of the hill.

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother (Holiness David is sending love)
ps. the vision, often I blow smoke or the wind to purify space.  blue is the opposite to the crystal person, and we seem alike in many ways, the heart of the world. he, the blue is elder soul, and I as a crystal person is the elder flesh.

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 6:38 PM, Child in the Womb Beverly wrote:
We live in Taos, NM and he saw her in the sky blowing at the mountain. She was all white and he saw her from the chest up. He saw her when he closed his eyes. She was vivid like a picture but also white like a cloud. She stood where she was blowing wind at the mountain. She then turned to my son and he opened his eyes. This happened at recess. My son is not Native American, but he is strongly spiritual and does know a lot about many cultures (he has even helped tend the stones for a sweat lodge). I truly believe he's a crystal child. Can you tell me more about what this vision might mean? How do I help him pursue or understand this?

Beverly and Gavin

Warriors of the Earth  

Ester Blossoming Deer Petals, the Promise Land

Rainbow Colors Family ,

Heavenly name and four sacred directions in Rainbow Colors each of us have within our perfection.  It is written in your book of life, what your name or mission is and your tools of light that will achieve your mission.  All can read the reflection, but Only the Crystal person, can read the absolute truth with eyes closed (numinous) and Only an Indigo person can see with eyes open (luminous) absolute truth.  Through the doorway "Crystal Person" into the World of Awakening.  Aho, may your spirit fly.  And Welcome Home...

Face hurts from smiling the joy bubbles over, oh my wishing well (aqua, indigo, yellow = the law of love inside the house of god) do you not understand you have shown them all the perfection of the body soul realization. to prepare for the new time, the dawning within as the sage.

We all have a purpose in this world. As an Aqua person, yours is to be irrational. But instead of doing so lovingly and forgiving others, you force others to enter your irrationalism which has acquired impurities (the not forgiving part and unpure you pick up near others). This realization speaks true and loud for those under the blue sky. You understand how important it is to bless, bless, bless-every hour of every day, and before you sleep and upon awaking-this will keep you purified from impurities of others, but not your own. Only forgiveness with true compassion will learn the lesson. Irrationalism is the perfection of the Aqua. This is the great gift giver. The giver always does more than expected. So Great accomplishments are done for love. This is the true manifestation. The true manifestation of the wishing well that comes true.

Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 8:34 PM
subject : Ester promise
Blue Lake people: Taos

Rainbow, orange, blue, blossoming deer petals

Crystal, yellow, green, twin deer mother

=reflection of body (light mirror, the rainbow) and truth of soul (dark mirror), the house of god and reflection of the clan

=We are the tried of many, the pure, the love of you. Sung for Blossoming deer petals, also known as Ester, the deer with many names by Twin Deer Mother (white buffalo calf woman).

My beloved Ester Blossoming Deer Petals,

When sky was upon me, and azul showed us the way. My beloved, I implore you remember, I am here. Behold my sister rainbow. Behold the Mother Deer. We have come upon the rainbow. We have blemished all the land, but hope rings true within us. It is the promise land. So my beloved come home, keep wise and behold. The dreams of tomorrow come home and hold them Deer. We are upon the promised moon. We are the shadows rare, but behold my Blossom Princess, the wings are to soar. Remember the wings of destiny that gave rise to the unknown, but pure within blossoms into the Neverland. So my Blossoming Deer, remember I am here.

Forever, I have been with you, and together we are the promise land. Behold my dove of hope it's time to take the plunge, eternity is upon us. Eternity rings free. We wise, we know tomorrow. It gives us hope inside, but others who come upon us, can't remember the promise land. We give the heart of many the pure the unpure alike, but hope is very weary when our hearts are unknown. It's will, will be fashioned in every color blue (clansmen), but we shall remember the colors (multicolors of god) are all true. My Blossom of tomorrow. I've come to show you home. We've come together the way that is true. I promise my Deer Sister. It's time to believe. The hopes and dreams of tomorrow will place a pole (center) believe. It's whipple is around us we climb it every day. We wish upon tomorrow in every single way. Be true believe my servant. We serve the people too. We make the untrue happen within the blossom blue.

Take care my Little Blossom. Take care that you are true. Believe in tomorrow, because we are here. We've come home such a long way. How can we ignore the way. Be true my Blossoming (deer) Dove. Be true to what is Deer. We missed the final trumpet, because we could not hear. Now's the time to listen, because now the time is near-hear (here, near whisper). Have faith, my Blossom Petal. Have faith, be true, be deer. Remember child I'm with you in every single day. I cannot be without (you), I know no such way. Because within lies you, the breath I take each day. Believe my Rainbow Deer. Believe the day is here. I, love your very essence because I know your way. Believe in all tomorrows. We begin to walk the way, but true is within us deep within, the MOTHER of ALWAYS. Be true within, my darling. Within you is the way. Believe in every tomorrow. Believe you are the way.

Be true to every Deer (journey of the light). Be true to unpure too. Because my darling they need you in each and every way. I know it can not be easy. I know it's a difficult way. But remember I am here behind you every step of the way. We are always together even if I cannot see. But remember it's the tomorrow that shall find it's way to me. Believe you shall find me, believe that I will be there. Together I am always with you. Together is the way. My darling blossoming petals, the deer who cannot be untrue. Believe of every tomorrow, believe this is the only way. We are always together. We are always the ways. Believe my dove and fly away within the mighty hoof. Keep plenty within the chamber (inside the deep, the pure), keep safe the place within, because the place we journey is the place within we share. Believe of every tomorrow. Believe I am the way. I will find the way to brotherhood, when the Deer find their way. We shall journey across the tundra. We shall journey across together. The greatest migration ever. The migration of the way.

The timbers are the mighty. The pure the forest rage. Believe my Dove of plenty. Believe we are on our way. Tomorrow is our Sister. Tomorrow the true shall try. Because we need the many to follow the way. The way of the migration. The true, the blue, away. Believe in mighty forests who move the mountains clear. We must make the journey. We must be tried and true. Believe in every tomorrow, it is the only way. My sister can you feel me. My embrace is here to stay. Believe I've come home to you. Believe we are the way. My child, we are the plenty. Today is has appeared. Remember we are here to gather to migrate the way. My sister, brother is coming. My sister remember your heart for brother (who), will bring action to sister's heart that is pure. Believe in all the Rainbows, believe in the tried and true. Believe we are the Rainbow. Believe we can sing (like you), lift your voice at every roof top. Sing praise to everywhere. Tell them time to bury hatchets. Tell them time to pray. My sister tell our brother. Speak loud and blue and true. Believe in every Rainbow. Believe I've come home to you.

In every whisper I remember. In every blue (clansmen) is true. My family you are my heartbreak, my joy, my tears untold. But if we wish upon candles that light our every way, it's beauty foretells of whispers of love that's come this way. The kind of love we remember. The kind that's true and blue. My Child you are my Sister, the one I know is true. The heart begins to murmur. The hearts believe today that Mother is upon us, to tell us all, the way. We wish upon a Rainbow. We wish almost every day. It's because we know of Heaven all the beautiful ways. My love it's around the corner. The place we will be free. The place among the stars of Heaven. The stars that lead the way. My sister brother friend, I know your heart is true. Believe in every Rainbow. Believe in every way. We cannot be discouraged. We cannot stop the step, but we will know tomorrow within us every day. My love you are the Rainbow, the true the tried the blue.

My devoted Deer, believe me. I know all the way. Tell me ever your Blossoms. Tell me ever of your tried and true. Believe I'm here forever. Believe I'm here to stay. My love grows deeper every day, because you are the way. Believe my Child, I love you. Believe my Child, the way. We are the truth of many. We are leading the way of every sister brother, of every boy and girl. Believe in all the Rainbows. Believe we know the way. Tomorrow there will be plenty. Tomorrow will bring the way. We are the mighty many. We are the tried and true. Believe in tomorrow. Believe it is within you. My beloved Rainbow Deer. Remember the blue (clansmen) is you. We've come home for the many. The ones who knew, too. Believe in all the Rainbows. Believe this is you. My sister brother Deer. I have come home to you. Believe I am with you every step of the way. We have come together because Great Spirit speaks. She musters, "I tell you, I love you, to those who are tryed and true." Believe in all the Rainbow.

Believe the way is here. Come sit along beside me. Come sit with me here. I know of fields of plenty. Remember you do too. The tundra vast but many find blue (a clansman) within the true. My love you have the blossom of the dove who flies upon high. Remember my darling I love you. Remember I am the way. There are many who do not believe me, but hence they are not true. The tried, the true, the many flow home within you. My love within are many. The love I do not know because the Rainbow (all the related) loves you because you heal the way. I am the devil (lesson I must give) plenty, I love them I must be true. But please tell them remember because I love the way. My hope is for the people who suffered for the blue (great ocean of many). The one's who camp for plenty. The true, the tried, the way. I am your hope remember. The people will ring true.

It will take the hearts of many to find the door within. I have the door within me, can they look upon their souls. Can they forgive the mighty many who (have) fallen from the way. My love the road tells me, we wish upon a star. The star that gives us plenty. The star that knows the way. It's my love I come to you, the house of David stands, where holiness abounds thee the place we hold the ground. My blue (clansmen), my darling please believe in every way. The Rainbow is upon us. The Rainbow knows the way. Trust your heart my darling. Trust you know the way. In my heart I love you forever and a day. I'm here I (am) always with you, no matter where you be. I tag along beside you watching all the way. My love, me here remember! My love I've come home to you. I am your devoted Twin Mother, the Deer who knows the way.

I love the whisper of the Rainbow. I love the whisper clear but only the rings of glory can find the sacred way. My love can you feel me I have come all this way. Great Mother tells me, "love you", I know no other way. You are my sacred Rainbow, the tryed the pure, the true. My beloved it's time wake up. It's time let be true. Believe in all the Rainbows. Believe I have come home to you. The mighty OAK calls for you, do you not hear the way? The places of the mountains stand tall of the blue, but ever has the wisdom been locked inside of you. I sing to you beloved. I sing to you the true. Forever the mighty wisdom. Forever the tried and true. Believe in all the Rainbows, believe the time has come. For tomorrow is only wisdom of every fallen tree. Believe the soldier within you is mighty as a tree. Believe the fall of winter comes almost every day. My Dove you are my Blue (clansmen), my love will find the many, the ones who walk (the way) with you.

I tell you my darling, I tell you I love you. My hope is of forever. The hope I know within you. I come because of Great Mother, she says, "It's time to tell." The flowers of the many have come home for you. Believe me my darling, I know the time is dear. I have the love of many. The ones who know the way. We come to stay together. Can you believe the day, when my arms are around you and we can (come home to ) pray. We know about each other. We know we love the way, but sister brother I love you because you are the way. The leader of the many, the keeper that is true. The spirits speak upon you. They speak you are the way. Believe my darling I have periled just like you. We the mighty river flows true inside of you. Feel the rushing pounding, the many the tried and true. Believe I have come home to you. Where else would I go. I love you more than money or star. Believe the sound but you are the leader of all, the promised land. They trusted you with this mission. They knew you would succeed. The many, true and promised all rely on you. My darling I am with you.

My darling I am here. Believe me when I tell you, you are the Promised Land (Ester Blossoming, Elizabeth Deer Mother). Wake up my darling. Wake up to the rings, the bells of the many. The bells of all the land. I wish I could take you in my arms. I wish you could know the love I have for you. I love, that knows the way. My Darling Butterfly Rainbow we seldom talk this way, but joy has come upon us and we know no other way. My sister brother I love you, you play so many parts. But believe when I tell you, you know the way. They tell me you are colored (rainbow colors), the clansmen are renewed but whispers that go beyond me say love is the way. Remember the Red Road (law of love), the one who's tried and true. We flow together inward. We flow together within you. So please my devoted Mother tell your children true, that the child has come home to you. The child that knows the way (white buffalo calf woman, the crystal child).

Believe me when I tell you that we can find the way. We song upon us the very sacred way. Believe the fear of many who are lost who do not know the way. How will we help the many, if they do not know the way. We must help them plenty. We must keep the way. We must be the buddy in every single way. It believed the time is here. It is the time of Spring. Can you believe we come home this far only to follow the way. My love my darling Pet, you are within Dear. Believe in the many, the tried the true and pure. We migrate for tomorrow, the day that has appeared. We can only follow the Rainbow (cosmic mother reflects her children), the one who knows the way. I fear you will not remember. I fear you forgot the way. But stories reach the highest and tell you are on your way. I want to believe you darling, but so many have lost their way. I believe in tomorrow, the day you appear.

My desperate Rainbow Mother, I have come a longs (long, long way) the way. Believe in every Rainbow. Believe we are the way. The children of the many. The tried the true the blue have found the cycle plenty but find no one but you. My Deer, they remember you, but they can see my way. It helps the tryed and plenty if you could lead the way. My darling I love you more each day, how could I not know the way. Me hearts speaks of plenty the way I love thee true. But for the mighty many who do not know the way. They will need a Mother, one who will show the way. So welcome together child and mother. Together, we tell the people we love them. We tell the people the way. Can you not believe me? Can you not say that in the very fabric of our lives, that you forgot the way? I dare not speak of flowers when the setting sun appears but my whispers go beyond and tell you are near. So my angel, my hope, tomorrow I call upon you this day to tell you that I love you and we shall show the way.

My child, my woe, my love, we have a home. Believe in all tomorrows, believe we know the way. Tomorrow comes play yonder. Tomorrow appears today. But I can see the Rainbow, the love of everyday. My reflection is upon you. Can you (feel) my love for you? My cosmic Mother i love you, the child has come to stay. Remember wise rides the sky. Remember the well of life. We have together to whisper to tell the family about the way. So come, give me embrace. Come I hold you close. Remember I am your Twin Mother, the child that knows the way. We DEER have come together to migrate across the way, but we the few the mighty know the flow is here to stay. We are the tryed and many. The blue, the will, the way. My love I beg of money, that falls along the way. We find the many treasures. We find and give to you, the clan that lives inside you, the clan that knows the way.

We have come upon the money, who need us all this day, but you and I are plenty, but those who do not know the way (do not trust god). My love the garden grows within the garden of our Eve. Please tend her with loving showers. Please tend/s her with loving care. So I tell my love, my darling, I've come to whisper the way. I love the mighty Rainbow, the flowers of every way. My darling Deer I love you, please keep your heart be true. Remember the hope of the many. Remember the tried and true. We have come together. We have known the way. Now we tell our family. Now we tell the way. So my sister brother, I give you my heart pure. Tell me of the Rainbow, the clan, the tried and true. I have come to you, my Rainbow, for all the land has come. The great return of Mother's bosom, the return of the promised land.

Your devoted servant, Twin Deer Mother (white buffalo calf woman)

Warriors of the Earth  
Pray With Elders around the World